Welcome to Stahl high precision spirit levels!

Glass circular spirit levels - Bullseye levels for scales, surveying equipment and various applications


We are a German manufacturer and we specialise in producing high quality precision spirit levels / bullseye levels. We offer a wide standard range of circular spirit levels / bullseye levels made of aluminium, stainless steel, and cast zinc to suit most levelling requirements. We also have developed an opto-electronic sensor. Since 1987 we supply manufacturers of scales, survey equipment and measurement devices with our precision glass spirit levels / precision bull's eye levels.


Our precision circular spirit levels, precision bullseye levels and our level vials are also widely used in opto-electronic sensing systems, surveying instruments, self levelling instruments, crane levelling, vehicle tilt sensing, tilt threshold switching, platform levelling and CNC machines.

We manufacture bullseye levels, glass circular spirit vials, surface mounted spirit levels, flush mounted spirit levels, circular spirit levels with a screw thread and opto-electronic sensor vials.

The body of the Bull's eye level, circular spirit vial is made of clear or black anodised aluminium, stainless steel, cast zinc or nickel / chrome plated.